How to Get your Parent(s) to Say YES!

You really want to go out with friends on Friday night and you know that mom/moms/dad/dads/mom and dad aren’t going to budge. Here’s how to get them to (at least) consider:

1. Let them know (with advance warning) that you’d like to arrange a time to sit down and talk with them about something.

2. Be flexible about when you can meet. For example, don’t try to meet at 10 at night when you know he/she/they have to wake up early for work. Set a time after dinner (that you ate WITH THEM at HOME!) or when the family is just hanging out.

3. Don’t pull siblings or friends into the conversation (unless they’re going to the event with you).

4. Sit down with your parent(s) and explain the upcoming event that you’re asking permission to attend. Important details: Who will be there, who is supervising, what will you be doing, what date/time will you need to be there and how will you get to the event, will you need money, and why you’re so excited about the event.

5. Here’s where problems are likely to take place:

  • Your parents may not approve of the other people who will be at the event. Good luck with that one! If your parents have reason to not approve of certain people, then this is gonna’ be a tough sell. Parents generally don’t like people who they feel puts their teen at risk.
  • Your parent(s) may not believe there will be supervision. Offer to have your parents talk to the person supervising. Provide them with the (CORRECT) phone number.
  • If you need extra money for the event, come to the meeting with your parent(s) with an idea of how you plan to earn the extra money at home (pick up a few more chores, mow the yard, etc.). Follow through with these chores OR IT WILL HURT YOU NEXT TIME!

6. If the discussion is not going anywhere, ask your parent(s) the main reason they’re saying no. Do not yell at them; this will only make them more firm in saying no. Reschedule the discussion for a later time when everyone is calm. Revisit step #1 and try again.

Remember, your parent(s) want honesty and they want to see you handling yourself responsibly. Come to the meeting prepared to answer questions. Have answers to the tough questions and also come prepared for your parent(s) to say no. Good luck!

How did using these steps work out for you!?

25 thoughts on “How to Get your Parent(s) to Say YES!

  1. What exactly seriously inspired u to create “How To Get Your Parents to Say Yes”?
    I reallyreally enjoyed it! Thanks for your time ,Lucretia

  2. thank you i will try because i really want to go to this sleepover i dont think she knows that i am old enough yet but i will try.

  3. I can’t wait to try this! I know my parents are going to say no,but it’s worth a try? I guess. Anyways,the thing I’m asking for is a iPod 5 (white 36g) I know that’s alot of money and everything,but you know..I think I’ve come to that kind of age when if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod or even your own bedroom your a loser.I think my parents know that I really want the iPod ‘cuz I always go on the computer and go on the apple website,and look at all the devices and the new iPod 5 features.Wish me luck! ~Aria

  4. lol I really hope this works! My friend asked me if I wanted to go to this convention in CA, but we both live in PA and my friend only has 4 tickets so my parents don’t get to go but maybe it will work!

  5. I’m young and wanna start a YouTube account so let’s hope these wiill help my side! Thx!

  6. Omg I asked my parents to buy me a iphone I’ve been wanting for 2 months I did this and they said yes

  7. this doesnt and will never work for me just cuz its me with my horrible indian parents ._.fml

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